Liberty Mills Church of the Brethren

Expect to hear about Jesus--a lot:

We are all about Jesus here. He is our purpose for being.

Expect to be welcomed:

Many people come to the Liberty Mills church and tell me, "This feels like coming home!"  What a fantastic thing to hear! Showing the love of Jesus is the power of any church. Without it, we might as well close the doors.

 Expect not to be judged:

Jesus once said, "I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." In other words Jesus was saying, "If you think you are righteous, I didn' t come for you." At Liberty Mills we know better.

We will always need God's forgiveness and his grace, and we try to give that same grace to others.

 Expect to come comfortable:

Casual clothes are okay at Liberty Mills. We believe we bring our hearts to Jesus, not our dress.

 Expect to be challenged:

Jesus did not call his disciples and say, "Come see me once a week and you're okay." Jesus said, "Come, follow me." At Liberty Mills we believe, a daily, life-giving walk with Jesus is essential to having his joy. Come share that joy with us!

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